Are the black spots on “garlic” really a “fungus”?

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Have you ever picked up garlic to cook with and found black spots? On the garlic or not Is it a fungus? Can you cut it off and eat it? How dangerous is this? The National Cancer Institute, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health has the answer.

Are the black spots on “garlic” really a “fungus”?

From the information shared that the brown spots found on garlics are fungi, most of which are poisonous or carcinogenic fungi. The National Cancer Institute. Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health has examine the matter and clarified that Brown spots on the garlics. Can be cause by a bruise on the garlic. As a result, various types of fungi may contaminate or grow in the bruised area. It is often found in garlic that has been store improperly or stored for a long time. ทางเข้า

black spots in garlic Is it a carcinogen? 

There is concern that the fungus on garlics may produce toxins or carcinogens. From searching research information. It was found that Aspergillus flavus. And Aspergillus parasiticus are fungi that can produce aflatoxin, which is classified as a carcinogen in humans. However, at present there is no information confirming. That aflatoxin has been found in the brown spots on garlics.

In short, brown spots on the garlic are bruises. As a result, fungi or other types of microorganisms Contaminated or growing in the area of ​​the bruise Currently, there is no research that indicates that these brown spots on garlic are carcinogenic.

Can I cut off only the part with black spots and use it in cooking?

If brown spots are found on the garlics. The whole clove should be discard. Or, the area may be cut off. And the garlics should be eaten cook to reduce contamination. By other microorganisms. And it is recommend to buy fresh garlics in clean packaging. There are no characteristics of fungal hyphae and spores. Storage should be kept in a dry. Not damp place and not kept for too long.