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5 “tea” drinks that help reduce the risk of dangerous

“Tea” is a beverage that people around the world like to drink at any time of the day. Whether it’s a warm drink in the morning or a delicious snack in the afternoon. Drink between meals to drinking to refresh during the day. And it is also popular with people

How can “fruits and vegetables” reduce the risk of “tooth decay”?

Sugar can be a cause of tooth decay. But the risk can be reduced by consuming vegetables. and fruits and vegetables that contain dietary fiber as ingredients Sugar damages health if consumed carelessly. Dr. Panpimon Wipulakorn, Director-General of the Department of Health. Said that excessive consumption of sugar as a

Are the black spots on “garlic” really a “fungus”?

Have you ever picked up garlic to cook with and found black spots? On the garlic or not Is it a fungus? Can you cut it off and eat it? How dangerous is this? The National Cancer Institute, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health has the answer.

10 foods that help nourish your lungs to be strong

The Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health recommends 10 easily available food sources, including ginger, bell peppers, apples, pumpkin, turmeric, tomatoes, various cereals, olive oil, oysters, and berries. Eating regularly helps nourish the lungs. Stop smoking, exercise, eat good food to help nourish your lungs.