Arsenal 1 – Porto 0

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Arsenal made it through to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League in a thrilling fashion. After successfully winning on penalties against Porto last Tuesday night.

Arsenal mainly used the same players from the last league game. With only David Raya returning to the goalkeeper again. While Porto were still the starters from the first match winning 1-0.

Arsenal had a chance to report first in the 13th minute when Bukayo Saka swerved to the right. Escaping the Porto players until he penetrated into the penalty area and shot goalkeeper Diogo Costa with his left. Porto had to force a save UFABET

Minutes later, Arsenal had another chance with a short corner kick that ended with Martin Odegaard’s shot in front of the penalty area. But poor footwork caused the ball to slip past the first post.

Porto responded in the 22nd minute.

When Evanilson received the ball from Joao Mario. Before shooting with his left hand in front of the penalty area. The ball flew close to the back post and was thrilling. 

The visiting team is as good at passing the ball as the home team. And there was another opportunity in the next minute from the moment. When William Saliba’s header cleared the ball without missing a chance. Wendell’s shot was blocked. And in successive moments, Evanilson scored again but it was not a goal.

4 minutes before the end of the first half, Arsenal took a 1-0 lead until Martin Odegaard flowed the ball through the left side of the penalty area for Leandro Trossar to escape and shoot with his right. Pepe and Diogo Costa hit the far post decisively.

In the second half, Porto had a chance to win first when Francisco Conceicao launched the ball into the penalty area and it was blocked, causing Evanilson to somersault and shoot. But the ball didn’t enter the box. 

Arsenal sent the ball into the net in the 67th minute. Kai Havertz pressed against Pepe before the ball spilled into the path of Martin Odegaard, who poked it past Diogo Costa. It was decided that Havertz had fouled Pepe first, so the Gunners did not score a goal.

In the 83rd minute.

The Gunners almost got it again. Bukayo Saka pumped the ball in the penalty area before the ball spilled out to Gabriel Jesus, the substitute, rushing in and shooting with his right. But the goalkeeper’s leg was stuck just a little behind.

The locals should have gotten another shot in the next 2 minutes. Bukayo Saka moved to find a channel to shoot on the right and made a save. The ball bounced into the path of Odegaard again but unfortunately it came off the back post. 

After that, the game ended with no additional goals, causing Arsenal to win 1-0, tying 1-1 on aggregate, requiring 30 minutes of extra time.

During the special period neither side scored a goal. Causing them to have to go to a penalty shootout, which Arsenal shot more accurately to win 4-2, with David Raya saving two Porto players from the penalty shootout, the Gunners were the one to advance to the final 8 teams.