Raya opened up and was overjoyed as she saved a penalty.

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David Raya, Arsenal goalkeeper opens up about his happiness. After saving a penalty, the team won against Porto and advanced to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

Raya played Arsenal’s hero by saving two Porto players from a penalty shootout in the decisive shootout. After 120 minutes of no qualifiers as Arsenal only won. 1-0, the results of the two matches are tied 1-1. 

The Spanish goalkeeper, who received the Man of the Match title, said after the game that “For me personally it is a great feeling. UFABET This is the first time in the UEFA Champions League and the club’s first time in many years reaching the quarter-finals.”

“We played really well. Since the start We can control the game. Can create opportunities And it went all the way to the penalty shootout. We practiced penalties a lot this year. And all the hard work with the goalkeeper coach and team paid off in the end.”

“I am extremely happy to save two penalties in the Champions League and advance to the quarter-finals. In fact, I probably should have made three saves.”

“This means a lot to me. You play football for that kind of thing and I was lucky to play for a club like Arsenal, to play in the Champions League and make it to the quarter-finals. We are just enjoying the night.” Raya concluded.