This summer – poke ‘Rice’ above Jude

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Dietmar Hamann has urged Liverpool to spend £250m on reinforcements this summer. Ready to see that his former agency should choose Declan Rice over Jude Bellingham,

despite having impressive results in the previous season, but this season the “Reds” are in a bad situation. After being eliminated in two cup competitions while ranked 10th in the Premier League

The team from Merseyside has a lot of problems. Especially in midfield, where both players are in decline and whose contracts are about to expire at the end of this season, Hamann believes that Liverpool should spend up to 250 million pounds to make a big change to the team this summer.

“I think they need at least 3-4 new midfielders because if you look at the midfield panel now. I don’t think they have a lot of options,” he told UFABET.

“There was talk about Bellingham and I don’t know if they can afford it. But even without Bellingham, you could be spending as much as £200-£250m this summer. Because they need 3-4 midfielders, possibly plus another defender. And still have to see if there will be more injured players ′

′ I think it will be very difficult. Even if they pay 200-250 million pounds, which I see they have to do to have a team ready for next season

. The best after Rodri in that position in the Premier League for the past 5 seasons. But he hasn’t done very well this season. He got worse when he was (almost) 30 ′ ′ ′

′ The player I want is Declan Rice, he can play there for another 5-6 seasons. Including giving freedom and giving other players the opportunity to go up in attack.

“If you now ask me if I should spend £120m on Bellingham or buy Rice, who is probably a little bit cheaper. I don’t think it’s necessary to think about it ′

′ I feel that Bellingham still has doubts. He is a very talented footballer. When I watched him play in Germany He played very disciplined. But he may not be able to do that for the big clubs in England. If I had to choose between Bellingham or Rice, I’d definitely go with Rice.