Yann Sommer praises Inzaghi’s work.

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Yann Sommer praises the work of Simone Inzaghi, who pays attention to every detail in every training session to help Inter Milan soar this season.

Jann Sommer, 35-year-old Inter Milan goalkeeper has spoken about Simone Inzaghi’s influence on the Nerazzurri. Who did an excellent job this season. As revealed to Tommy Schmitt on the Copa TS podcast on Tuesday  UFABET

Sommer moved from Bayern Munich to play with Inter Milan this past summer for a fee of 6.75 million euros. Replacing Andre Onana who moved to Manchester United, which the goalkeeper. The Swiss have adapted so quickly in the Lombardy capital that they have made few mistakes so far this season.

The 35-year-old has played more than 3,100 minutes in goal with the Nerazzurri, keeping 23 clean sheets and conceding just 15 goals in 35 games across all competitions, proving himself to be a very capable goalkeeper. stable and reliable 


‘As a goalkeeper It’s crazy having to play behind the lines. And if anyone passes by I try to do my job. We work very well as a team. This is the result’

‘But sometimes I’m shocked when I look at the numbers. Inzaghi is a monster. He is very attentive to details. In every training session He always wanted to get the most out of him,’ Sommer said.

Yann Sommer also compared Inter Milan to Monchengladbach. His former club where he played as goalkeeper from 2014-2023 before moving to Bayern Munich after that.

‘Lucien Favre is a completely different coach. But in my year at Gladbach we defended very well when we finished third and conceded very few goals. We scored enough goals offensively. We are very efficient The details and processes are correct’

‘I really enjoyed playing with Gladbach, I had a good time and we have a great team. At one point I felt like I needed a new challenge and when Bayern Munich appeared I knew I had to say yes.’

The Swiss goalkeeper also spoke about the performance of French striker Markus Thuram, saying: ‘He was good at Gladbach, especially at the start. Then he lost a bit of consistency.’

‘I think he’s more mature. Work very hard on yourself and know what is important in the competition to do well. Having him in the team is a huge advantage.’