Barcelona 3 – Napoli 1

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Barcelona advanced to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League on target after defeating Napoli 3-1 on Tuesday.

Barcelona is missing many players due to injuries. The attack line has Lamine Yamal, Robert Lewandowski and Rafinha playing together. While Napoli is led by Victor. Osimhen and Kvicha Kvaratskelia

The game started in the first 15 minutes. Barcelona took a 1-0 lead from a connection from the left. Where Rafinha flicked from the end of the line for Fermine López to shoot right into the penalty area.

Two minutes later, Barcelona continued to cheer with a 2-0 goal from a counterattack. UFABET  Lamine Yamal flowed the ball to Rafinha. But shot with his right in the penalty area and hit the post. But the ball bounced into the path and Cancelo took the shot with an easy right shot.

In the 30th minute Napoli did not give up and were able to break the egg by connecting with the ball on the right. Before Matteo Politano slammed into the middle for Amir Rahmani to run in and shoot with his left. Sending the ball into the post with precision.

Another 4 minutes later, Napoli should have scored an equalizing goal. From Mario Rui’s throw into the penalty area. Which reached Giovanni Di Lorenzo for a header. The ball was already headed under the crossbar but Marc-Andre ter Stegen narrowly flicked it over the crossbar.

At the end of the first half.

The game was still fun and exciting with opportunities for both teams. But there were no more goals, ending the first 45 minutes with the home side leading 2-1.

In the 47th minute of the second half. Napoli almost equalized when Kwicha Kvaratskelia. Cut from the left to the inside before spinning with the right. But the ball was not curved enough so it fell out of bounds.

In the 68th minute, Barcelona sent the ball into the net from a corner kick where substitute Sergi Roberto shot in the penalty area. The ball went into the path of Lamine Yamal, who flicked it in again. But Lamine Yamal’s position was offside and the goal was not scored.

Barca scored a goal to repeat their 3-1 victory in the 83rd minute from a great connection. Before Sergi Roberto slipped into the left side of the penalty area before signing for Lewan, just go in easily.

After that, at the end of the game. Barcelona beat Napoli 3-1 making it through to the next round with 4-2 on aggregate.